Your defection to APC will never affect PDP, Fayose tells Adeyeye

Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State says the defection of former
Minister of State for Works, Mr. Dayo Adeyeye, from the Peoples
Democratic Party to the All Progressives Congress will not affect
the party’s fortune…
Fayose said that Adeyeye’s defection to the ruling APC had merely
confirmed his belief that Adeyeye was “never a loyal and
committed member of the Peoples Democratic Party.”
“I am not bothered by the action taken by the former aspirant in
the just concluded PDP governorship primary election in the state.
“His move to APC will not in any way affect us. This is because
majority of those he thought were behind him did not defect with
“In fact, one of his two party agents for the last primary is still with
us in PDP and you know what that means.
“If somebody is your party agent and could not go with you to
another party, it tells a lot; and even as he is moving from PDP,
many others from APC are coming to us. So, we have nothing to
lose with his defection,” Fayose said.
The governor said that he held no grudge against Adeyeye because
he has the right to move from one political party to the other;
adding that he wished him well in his new party.
“While he was the PDP national spokesman, he had spoken terrible
things against the APC and he has now gone to join the same


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