Your ex is a crime against courtship

Have you ever wondered why a guy will disrespect a lady, insult
her, treat her bad and end up leaving her for another lady; but
when this lady who was abandoned finds another guy, her ex
misses her and in some cases, he even feels jealous and vows to
either win her back or drive the new guy away. And yet he had no
intention of staying. Well the ladies who go back are not smart for
it’s not wise to go back to a guy who disrespected you and was
disloyal to you.
Don’t tell me, that is love, for that is pure foolishness. A smart
woman dines at the table where loyalty and respect is served, not
where money and good sex is served. Ladies need to date with
purpose, don’t just date because you are single, don’t date just to
occupy your time.
Date for the purpose of studying a life partner. Don’t date so you
have someone to pass time with or one who will only use you. If
you think loneliness is a sickness and the best cure is a
relationship then you are wrong. Being in a relationship will not
heal you neither will being single kill you.
It is God who gives good husbands and not men for the bible says
“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the
Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting
shadows” – James 1:17 (NIV).
If you will learn to have a good relationship with God, trust Him and
wait on HIM, then be prepared to receive more than you asked for
or dreamed of.
If you think you love this Ex so much, then the best gift to give
them is bye bye. If the separation pains that much, it will teach
him to be a better person and not play with people who are real. He
will learn to value relationships and won’t repeat the pain again.
But when you make it easy for him to return, you are equally telling
him, you are not good enough to be the only woman in his life; that
he can leave at any time, mess up and you will be ready to accept
him back. It also means, he is free to marry anyone he comes
across, for you are not good at being married to.
Never reduce your value because your boyfriend can’t pay the cost
of respecting you and remaining loyal to you. If he can’t afford
that, it means he is not the right person for you, so stop chasing
the wrong one.
When you break up, please take enough time to work on yourself,
take time to heal. Don’t just jump into a new relationship. It’s like
making your next a band-aid for what the last person did. You will
get more hurt.
If you take your time to work on yourself, you will realize there is
no need chasing what is bad. You will not feel like you are losing
someone, for the truth is, good people don’t lose people. It is
rather people who lose them.
The next time your Ex calls you to say he misses you, just tell him
you are sorry for his loss for you are at a funeral now, saying
farewell to the feelings you had for him. Your feelings for him is

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