It is an undeniable fact that,
to be old and wise, one must first be young and stupid but when it
comes to marriage, which is one decision that affects your life
permanently, you don’t want to jeopardize that. That is why it
must be done well; you need a partner who is old and wise before
you venture into this life time journey. If you don’t and end up
marrying a girl instead of a woman as a wife, you will live in
frustration. For the bible says “Better to dwell in a corner of a roof
than share a house with a quarrelsome wife” – Proverbs 25:24
(TLV). Arguments are the business of girls; they want to have the
last word of such encounters. A woman turns conversations into
discussions, and seeks to find “our way”, doesn’t care losing her
personal interest for the interest of the relationship; but for a girl,
it is a matter of her happiness over the relationship. Girls are
materialistic, girls like every nice thing they see and want the man
in their lives to buy them for her to prove his love. With girls, no
matter how good a phone is, it’s no more beautiful when the latest
version is out there. Failure to get that for them means you don’t
love and deserve them. On the other hand, you don’t need to buy
love for a woman, all she needs is for her man to appreciate her,
love her, respect her and support her in any way he can. A woman
will not force her man to get her a new version of a phone at all
cost whilst the old one is in good state. She knows the difference
between needs and wants, relevance and waste. A naked six pack
man is more attractive to a girl than a well-dressed man. Girls pay
more attention to how a man looks and feels than how he thinks,
his plans and vision. Women on the other hand pay more
attention to a man’s mindset, vision and direction rather than his
looks. Girls play too much, are insecure and impatient. Girls think
a good man is hard to find and the best ways to get one is steal
another woman’s man. Women take life seriously, are patient,
trustworthy and loyal. They are content with their lives, take
delight in preparing for the right person instead of perching with
someone else’s man. Girls spend more time online, Instagraming,
snap chatting, making videos, competing for likes and comments,
rather than developing themselves and their relationship. They
make more time for clubbing, shopping, video making, people’s
business than to support their partner or relationship. A woman
spends more time on learning; either on online or through books
and people. She makes more time to read, pray, attend seminars,
etc. She also finds ways and means to support her partner and
family. Girls love gossiping, lies and are attention seekers.
Women have more to do that trade people’s issues; they give
respect and tell the truth at all times. Girls look for caretakers,
whilst women look for husbands. Girls are lazy; will prefer going to
the restaurant all the time to buy food instead of cooking. Girls
will prefer shopping for new clothes instead of washing her dirty
clothes. Women are hardworking, make time to cook and also try
new recipes. Always keep their room and surroundings clean.
They wash their clothes and that of their household. In conclusion
“Enthusiasm without knowledge is not good; impatience will get
you into trouble” – Proverbs 19:2 (GNT). Please share with your
friends, someone out there needs this.

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