Your job at stake: why you should never size people base on their outlook-Hanson Johnson

A younger girl ignored me that arrived at her desk earlier to attend
to others, when I approached her she said she is not ready for me
yet so I quietly left her to make myself comfortable in one of the
seats at the front office.


A team of foreigners that I went with came in, because she was expecting them, she signed them in, after about 4 minutes when she was totally free, she hailed;


Hello, please how may I help you? I responded, I scheduled the
meeting going on now between your Boss the CEO and the
delegation from a foreign government, she was like Sorry Sir, are
you Hanson Johnson? I said yes, may I go in now? She said yes
and bowed her knees shivering.


When I came out after the meeting with her CEO which is a lady
too, I was the only one she greeted and wishing I enjoy the rest of
my day and did not sit till we zoomed off.


There are still people in Lagos who use their eyes to size people up
before knowing how to relate with them. Her job is on the line

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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