Your online opinion is not necessary

This may be a bitter pill to swallow, but you need to learn to read and scroll past. We all need to learn this.
The number of fights, insults, and abuse we encounter on social media is alarming. A well-placed finger rolling up your screen could have just prevented all the wahala.
The person’s post disappears. Simple.
Why do we feel the need to add our voice to every opinion we think is an attack on our beliefs? Online bullying has become so subtle that we don’t even think of it as cyberbullying anymore. Whether the topic is on religion, politics, sexuality, even money, there’s a war waiting to happen.
Don’t get me started on the gender wars. Both sides have drawn blood and have no plans of stopping.
Let’s bring back the days when we could have a conversation with both sides presenting their views, free of insults, and still disagreeing; but not breaking the other person’s spirit in the process.
We should extend simple courtesy to people on the internet.
You could just scroll by and save yourself the trouble. No one will know, and you won’t have gotten into a tweet fight.

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